In the history of color photography there has almost always been a separation that existed between the artists and the medium. People shot film and sent it to labs, very rarely was the artist actually in contact with the color paper medium. The chemicals are more toxic than black and white chemistry and the equipment was generally cost prohibitive. Traditional color processes have vanished and worldwide been replaced with digital. This death of the color photographic medium as the primary source for image making I believe has freed the medium and allowed it to take on a new abstract nature. The images are contact prints of friends and acquaintances, in direct contact with the color paper, composed in the pitch black with a light source attached to the ceiling. With these images I want to create an object innately human that allows us to perceive ourselves in a new way of seeing the copy, the contact, the simulacrum, a color shroud. We view a photograph of being something the must exist in the real world that needs to exist because this paper and silver recorded it. These life size color prints are 1/1 objects that break from the photographic real, and show another view of ourselves.

All images are 1/1 Life-sized C-Type Prints