Next Slide

Next Slide is multimedia project about the remixing of art history.  It focusses on images of western classical art and mediates them through technology as a way to break down the space-time relationship that exists between the antique and the modern.  The series is multi-faceted and contains photographic prints, textiles created on a jacquard loom, and 3D printed sculptures.  Through the use of slide scanning with historical images I use the physical interaction of my hand to alter the outcome of the final product, in the same ways a musician loops and alters the playback of an audio file distortions can occur, and authorship can be transposed.  

By manipulating the images volume and form, I create environments that feel grounded in reality because of their implied photographic nature, but instead these images have become uncoupled from their index. In addition, it also allows me to subvert some of the subjects implied perfection, such as the classically beautiful body. These actions create repetitions in the iconicity of the work and allows the viewer to enter a state of perceptual vertigo.  Through these interventions I trace real and imaginary contours, of sculptural objects and places out of time.

The setting of my project is a psychic space that like the objects and images sourced from antiquity, cannot present themselves in a narrative way to the viewer. Next Slide obtained its title from the viewing of images in an educational art setting, like the spoken phrase “next slide” uttered during a slide show, but it’s also an acknowledgement the act of physically sliding the images on the scanner bad, and act integral to the creation of the series.

In this project I see the raw potential in the image material to have their seams burst and confines expand with unexpected color and forms, creating new hybrid images that vibrate between mediums, authors, and time.

studio view 2.jpg