Minor Attractions

The series Minor Attractions took place on a 9,500-mile trek across America. I drove alone out West not knowing what to expect. I found myself in the National Parks surrounded by tourists and vacationers photographing rocks and mountains. The most interesting subjects I found were my fellow travelers. The National Parks are transient places, with a seemingly endless ebb and flow of tourists on a pilgrimage to experience nature. We seek out the wild almost as an homage to the fears and dreams we as a species once held. This is the true west. The way our culture experiences nature, a cultural interaction with nature that goes unnoticed in our pursuit of the wild. We seem to experience the West as we would a roadside attraction. Tourists with every creature comfort now make the standard romantic images of the West on crowded viewpoints. Feet from our cars, we enter nature. A nature where in an act of posterity, the activity for the tourist and myself is photography. The images are about the continuous movement of people trying to imagine a world untouched and picturesque. People let down their guards are willing to be photographed. These images are about the people and places between these photo destinations, serendipitous encounters that make up my west.